Laser Guided Vehicles

Conveyor Handling Company can improve many aspects of an operation through automation. Laser Guided Vehicles (LGV) can be utilized to improve daily operations.

LGV systems can be implemented in your operation without having to add devices in or on the facility's floor.  Using triangulation, the LGV's are guided through the facility to perform their required tasks, avoiding damage to the building, the product, or the equipment.  LGV systems also increase the safety of the work environment.  Using LGV systems with palletizing systems allows complete ”end of line” automation, resulting in cost savings and significant improvements in production management.
The SKILLED 800 is equipped with front and back anti-collision PLS sensors and with side bumpers.  SKILLED 800 is a Laser Guided Vehicle system which, together with the palletizing systems SKILLED Robots, allows complete "end of line" automation. This results in cost savings and significant improvements in production management.

Skilled 800 offers the following advantages:

  • Safer work environment
  • Fast returns on investments
  • Work optimization
  • Avoid building and equipment damage
  • Real time information/location of the products
  • Ease of installation
  • Greater flexibility to increase speed by adding other vehicles
  • Creates a tidy environment by keeping the pallets in the correct locations
  • Type of battery: Gel / lead
  • Driving system: Motors 48 V DC
  • Frame: Steel 
  • Max load: 5555 lb
  • Speed Range: 4.92 ft/sec
  • Brake system: Electromagnetic on motor's shaft
  • Traffic Manager for multiple LGV units
Traffic Control Software
The master controller unit consists of a PC running Windows which constantly maintains the traffic control of the vehicles.
  • Traffic control management
  • Communication with the vehicles
  • Receipt of orders
  • Optimization of paths and functions
  • GUI = Graphic User Interface
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