CHC Picking & Packing

Pick to Light

Pick to light is a picking solution that increases the productivity and accuracy (up to 100%) of your warehouse by guiding workers to exactly which items are needed for an order and showing the quantity needed to be included, using bright LED displays. Although the picking process is simple, pick to light can be structured many ways depending on the number of orders, number of products and the layout of your warehouse. To increase efficiency, picking can be formed by order, by batch, or by work stations, where it is done sequentially.

Put to Light

Put to light is a reverse pick to light system. Its slots tell the operator where to put the product and the quantity. This way there is no need for LEDs for each individual SKU. This functions best in warehouses that deal with a large number of products and orders on a daily basis. It is more cost effective than pick to light systems because of the need for less locations. It is also designed for high-speed manual sortation enabling near 100% accuracy. Businesses that use the put to light system include retailers of general merchandise, apparel, grocery, sporting goods, and personal care items.

Pick to Voice

Pick to voice is a system that helps you optimize your order picking process with the help of voice instruction. Workers are equipped with earphones and microphones and are able to receive information (location in the warehouse, description of item, SKU number) of the product they are looking for. Pick to voice also assures accuracy by demanding confirmation of the product number with the help of voice recognition software.

Mobile Cart

Mobile Cart offers all the benefits of stationary Pick to Light or Put to Light systems, creating a rolling pick or put line ideal for split-case order fulfillment or consolidation of your slow-moving SKUs. It can integrate with any existing WMS or PTL system, maximizing efficiency as it allows operators to pick or put items for more than one order in a single pass.