CHC Industrial LED Lighting
CHC has partnered with EcoZohm’s MaxGreen brand to increase your bottom line and offer our clients energy efficient industrial LED lighting solutions. With no lamps or ballasts to change, LED lighting, proves to be the most green-sustainable lighting solution on the market.
MaxGreen manufactures the highest quality, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly LED lighting backed by a five (5) year warranty. Our LED lights use 50%-90% less electricity than traditional light sources and last more than 100,000 hours. This technology replaces outdated metal halide, fluorescent, and HID lighting. UL and IP ratings on most LED lights. Tax incentives and government rebates are available on select LED lighting.

LED High Bay

The ezHB-HR Series of LED lighting is the newest generation of LED fixtures specifically created for warehouse high bay lighting applications. This series of LED lights is an ultra-efficient, cost-effective solution to deliver MASSIVE energy savings, while virtually eliminating maintenance. The eZHB-HR Series LED Aisle High Bays are designed with proprietary asymmetric optic lenses for optimal illumination of pallet rack and shelving aisles. This rectangular light pattern helps direct all available light to properly illuminate the aisle.


LED UFO High Bay

The eZUF-CD UFO LED high bays are highly efficient, durable and state of the art. They are designed for both new construction and retrofitting existing HID and fluorescent lights to energy efficient LED. The lights have been designed with optimal thermal management heat sinks which generate airflow through the cooling fins.


LED Wall Packs

Indoor LED Links: High Bay Linear, High Bay UFO, Low Bay Linear, Low Bay UFO, Linear Strip Lights, Troffer & Flat Panel Lights, Indoor Retrofit Kits, Dock Lights Outdoor LED Links: Wall Packs, Flood Lights, Pole Lights, Canopy Lights, HID Retrofit Kits